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Want to see the REAL person behind the resume?

Let's face it. Candidates are often better prepared than we are. They are coached on their resumes and cover letters. They have rehearsed their answers and they have done their research. 

We know it's hard to see through candidates who look great on paper and interview like rock stars. 

Let TalentSorter do the hard work for you, by ranking your candidates based on their likely fit in the job, then generating individualized questions, so you can interview like you have x-ray vision. This tool also includes a built in applicant tracking system that will save you hours of time having to sort through countless resumes.

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for the free 15-day trial as my guest,

  2. You can then add the link you will be provided to your job posting, or invite those who have already applied,

  3. Use the handy reports to interview like a pro...

  4. Done!

Oh, and if you're already using an applicant tracking system, it's okay. TalentSorter is fully compatible. So go ahead and start your free trial. We'll handle the rest.

Relax. TalentSorter takes the pain out of hiring by making it really easy to find exactly the right people.