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Pre-Employment Testing That Works

Identify, Hire, and Promote Top Talent. What if you could consistently zero in on the job candidate with the greatest potential for success? Well, now you can--with SmartMoves!  Our superior pre-employment assessments and interviewing methods have been strategically developed to increase your effectiveness at hiring and promoting. When you apply the power of our JobFit methodology, risk goes down, productivity goes up.

SmartMoves! helps you identify the key characteristics of your current top performers. This in turn reveals valuable criteria that can be used to recruit, identify, and hire similarly optimal candidates. Let us help you break the “80/20 Rule,” the one that says that says that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. With all due respect to the Pareto Principle, SmartMoves! has the objective technology to help you achieve a lot more productivity with a lot less effort.

Get the Test that Finds the Best

Presenting SmartMoves! Pre-Employment Testing Solutions

The Profile XT

The Profile XT™ is a multi-purpose pre and post-employment assessment that enhances the efficiency of selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. This dynamic management tool applies 21st century technology to the challenge of matching the right people with the right jobs. Profile XT combines the convenience of online test administration with the speed of immediate reports.

Sales Assessment

Hire great sales people. Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers too) and never again be fooled by an individual's charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume.

Step One Survey A®

Step One Survey II ® is a scientifically designed assessment tool that evaluates job applicants for integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. The SOS A empowers you with a structured system to objectively obtain better information, identify the best candidates, and conduct better interviews.

Get the Customer Service Perspective

The Profiles Customer Service Perspective identifies people who possess the ideal behavioral traits to deliver outstanding customer service. Find the candidates who act on the principle that "customers go where they are wanted and stay where they are appreciated." Use the survey to hire customer-focused people who will enhance your company's reputation.

Conduct a More Comprehensive Employee Background Check

Employee Background Check™ is an information service that verifies job applicants' resume data, checks driving records, and examines criminal history to reduce the risk of negligent hiring liability.

Take Our Manager's Interviewing Workshop

POWER Staffing

POWER Staffing is based on five principles that set a strong foundation for hiring effectively and building outstanding teams. This seminar highlights the pitfalls of placing too much emphasis on a candidate’s skills and experience and the importance of focusing on what a candidate will be expected to accomplish in the workplace.