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Fast Forward to one year from now. Imagine if most of your new hires were actually exceeding your expectations. How much would that mean to your bottom line? Or increased employee engagement? Or having teams that produce results over and over again without heavy conflict? How about reducing your turnover costs?

What would it mean to you to not waste countless hours interviewing and hiring and then firing the people who were never the right choice in the first place? What if you knew how to find the right assessment designed to fix the very challenges you face in building a high performing organization?

"We failed so many times by not using assessments. Previously we found that there are people who are not who they say they are, or maybe they think they are who they say they are, but they just don’t turn out to be that person. The assessment will solve that problem."
Dana DeLorenzo
Operations Manager Plast-O-Matic Valves

Identify your hiring challenges first.

  • Do you know how much your hiring mistakes and turnover costs are?
  • Which jobs are your biggest headaches and need your attention immediately?
  • Which jobs are the hardest to fill?
  • What do you need to do differently to find more talent?
  • Where are the gaps in your hiring process?

Work with a firm that has multiple solutions available

Some assessment companies are one trick ponies. As a result, they might try to solve your problem with the only solution that they have available. Kind of like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.

A great company will have multiple solutions and by asking you a series of questions to determine your challenges, they won’t be forced to sell you something that isn’t really the best one.

"You knew exactly what we needed, and what you could do to help us with a number of different hiring challenges we were facing.  Let’s face it, every company has hiring challenges but they are not all the same. You asked lots of questions to help us determine which assessments best fit our needs. That was refreshing!"
Dana DeLorenzo
Operations Manager,  Plast-O-Matic Valves

Don’t be impressed with a low price

If you’ve calculated your cost of hiring, the fee for assessments will always be a fraction of that.

Think of this as an investment, not a cost. Your cost is found in turnover and hiring costs. Assessments should provide a return on investment.

"it’s incredibly reassuring to know that there are tools like these out there because the amount of time that I have spent interviewing and training and working with salespeople, coaching, and then they don’t work out—it’s just a huge waste of time. Your assessment just paid for itself a thousand times over."
Cara Potter
President Gordon Electric

Try before you buy

Toe in water.jpg

Most reputable firms will give you a chance to test the waters by offering one or two free assessments. This can give you confidence that the assessment will work well for you. While this isn’t always an available option, if you ask and if they are available, the company should be able to let you try out the assessment.

Work with a company that has been around a few decades


They know their stuff and can guide you to the right solution.

There are dozens of new assessment companies that are really just technology companies. They do not have tools built with good psychometric science. Their assessments are usually inexpensive but have very little accuracy.

Look for assessments with proven accuracy, reliability and legally
compliant and safe for you to use.

Great tools have a high level of predictive accuracy and validity. Look for those with an 80%+ coefficient.

Ask your consultant to provide a validity study. It should indicate that the assessment meets all EEOC requirements, has no adverse impact, is ADA compliant and meets Title 7 requirements.

"A huge reason to use these tools is that they have been proven and court tested, and it comes in multiple languages--It is non discriminatory."    
Heidi Healy
VP HR, Raymond Handling Concepts

Work with a professional consultant, not just a sales person

You will want to work with a trusted advisor, not just a vendor. The best companies will create a relationship with you that lasts for years. They are honest, highly responsive and will not try to “hard sell” you. They will be genuinely interested in helping you and will be there for the long haul.

"You could have just taught us how to use the assessment itself and walked away. But you are a consultant and helped way beyond that. I know I can always pick up the phone or send you an email, and you’re going to help me through this."
Lisa McCormack
Melita Group

"It will help us keep our Millennial people happy because we’ve got all these Boomers who are retiring in the next ten years, The assessment helps us hit their hot buttons."
Jean Geistfeldt
Citizen Bank


Before you speak to an assessment provider,
make sure you do the following:


  • Why does the problem exist?
  • What must you do to fix it?
  • Are you ready to fix it now?


  • What is working
  • What is not
  • What it is costing you
  • Time to hire


  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Increase performance
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve retention


Do your vendors:

  • Offer multiples relevant solution that fit your needs?
  • Have a proven number of years of experience
    in business?
  • Produce a proven ROI?
  • Have a Validity study and Legal Opinion
  • Provide training available on each assessment
  • Offer ongoing support