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Pre Employment Assessment Test

Job Fit is the Key to Hiring and Promoting Right. Put the right people in the right jobs. Pre-employee selection at its finest.

By Using Smart Moves pre-employment testing you'll improve Employee performance and retention.

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         PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

         PXT Select helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides organizations with actionable objective data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you to interview better and hire smarter.

       It is an online selection assessment that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests. 

        Assessment results equip organizations and hiring managers with easy to understand information about the candidate, and provides intuitive questions to strengthen the interview process.

      PXT Select™ measures a candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests:  three areas that impact an individual’s approach to situations in the workplace.

The PXT Select™ is used for placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, and job description development. Our clients tell us The PXT Select™ is three to five times more effective than any other assessment they have used. It is a versatile management tool that develops Job Match Patterns that can be customized by company, department, manager, position, geography, or any combination of these factors.

Peak Performance Models make the difference

Performance Models are effective because they compare the qualities of your job candidates to the attributes of your most productive employees. The models tell you whether candidates are like or different from your top performers. A study published in the Harvard Business Review concluded that Job Match more accurately predicts job success than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or job training. Matching people so they fit the work they do builds productivity and job-satisfaction and diminishes negative factors such as stress, tension, conflict, miscommunication, and costly employee turnover.

Several Valuable Reports

PXT Select’s™ suite of reports helps organizations to select, onboard, coach and develop employees. PXT Select™ offers the following reports:

    • Comprehensive Selection Report
      • Is the candidate a good fit? This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence. Featuring tailored interview questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate, this report gives you a meaningful edge in your hiring process.
    • Multiple Positions Report
      • What’s the best fit for a particular individual? Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization.
    • Multiple Candidates Report
      • Make hiring decisions with ease. Compare multiple candidates for a single position.
    • Team Report
      • See how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or address your current team’s dynamic and strengths.
    • Manager-Employee Report
      • Discover how a manager and employee can work more effectively together.
    • Individual’s Feedback Report
      • Candidates can learn from PXT Select™, too! This narrative report doesn’t reveal scores and is perfectly safe to share with applicants.
    • Individual’s Graph
      • Are you more of a visual person? The graph illustrates a candidate’s results that you can view at a glance.
    • Coaching Report
      • Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that and more!
    • Performance Model Report
      • Understand the range of scores and behaviors for the position you’re trying to fill. Learn about the ideal candidate for that role.

Easy to Use pre-employment assessment testS

The PXT Select™ is conveniently administered on the Internet, so you can assess employees and job candidates anywhere there is Internet access. Other administration options are available on request.

Results are available immediately and can be shared with decision makers in any of your company's offices, anywhere in the world. You can retrieve any or all of the variety of PXT Select™ reports at no additional cost. Results are immediate thanks to computer technology and you get your requested reports in minutes.

Use With Complete Confidence

The PXT Select™ satisfies all requirements of the EEOC, the ADA, the DOL, and the Civil Rights Act. It was designed and developed to be specifically job-related and has been validated in accordance with American Psychological Association standards. The PXT Select™ is validated to be Age-blind, Gender-blind, and Ethnicity-blind. It measures only those factors relevant to selecting the best people to fit the requirements of specific jobs.

The PXT Select™ Is The One To Use

The PXT Select™ is much more than an assessment. It gives you customized Performance Models, suggests relevant interview questions, yields a percentage match when comparing a candidate to your top performers, provides a detailed positive analysis of the individuals you assess, and can provide thousands of "experienced" Job Match Patterns for use in developing your own patterns.

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