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Hire & develop the right manager or executive for the right position


Retention and peak performance both begin with selection. The point at which you make a hiring decision for line, middle or upper management position is the most painless and economically sensible time to affect performance - Do not hire the wrong leader for the job! It is extremely costly to do so. Whether making an external hiring decision or an internal promotion, we now have the systems and tools to help you make the best hiring decision possible. Let us show you how it works.


Comprehensive and Efficient Analysis

Harrison Talent Acquisition Solutions enable you to hire the right talent - and do it quickly. Our library of 6500 Job Success Formulas makes it easy for you to create customized assessments. Our job analysis enables you to automatically generate custom assessments using your unique job specific criteria while at the same time creating a clear consensus with other hiring stakeholders.

Pre-employment Screening

Our automatically generated pre-employment screening targets your specific requirements for qualification. It measures eligibility factors such as education, experience and skills producing an overall "eligibility score" that saves up to 80% administration time by ranking the applicants according to eligibility. It eliminates the need to review resumes except for qualified candidates. In addition to making deeply informed recruiting and hiring decisions, employers utilizing Harrison's Talent Acquisition Solutions reduce time to hire and minimize assessment costs. Most importantly, the system provides an overall score as a guideline for each step in the recruitment process ensuring the best candidates are hired.

Behavioral Assessment

For qualified applicants, the assessment process automatically proceeds to a behavioral questionnaire. The results of the behavioral questionnaire are calculated based on the job analysis for the specific job. It automatically selects from 175 factors to measure only job specific behavioral requirements. In addition to assessing behavioral competencies, it evaluates likely employee engagement and job satisfaction. By focusing on both the employee's and employer's needs, Harrison measures the degree to which mutual needs will be met, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and retention. In addition, the easy-to-understand reports empower managers with on-boarding tools that facilitate accelerated engagement and performance.

Unique Technologies

Harrison's proprietary SmartQuestionnaire™ contains multiple layers of technological and psychological mechanisms to detect and prevent deception while minimizing the time it takes to complete the questionnaire (25 minutes). Harrison's ParadoxTechnology™ reveals whether strong behavioral tendencies are actually strengths or derailers in a given role-something other assessments fail to do. The Enjoyment Performance Methodology accurately predicts performance, engagement, retention, job satisfaction and career potential. Harrison's Decision Analytics identify the precise factors that will facilitate or inhibit success in the job.

Enhanced Interviewing

Harrison Assessment's automated process and recruitment system dramatically elevates the quality of interviews by consistently focusing on key success factors and revealing behavioral issues that normally take months or years to discover. It transforms the candidate experience by enabling the interviewer to focus on mutual needs rather than only the needs of the company. It provides the interviewer with the key information necessary to offer top talent what they want.


Position Comparison Module

The Position Comparison Module contains the Behavioral Impact Graph, Behavioral Narrative, Interviewing Guide, How to Attract this Candidate, and Group Screening reports.

The Behavioral Impact Graph compares the person to the position using graphs. The overall probability of success is calculated according to the individual's behavioral assessment, eligibility, and interviewing results. Each assessment method is weighted for the position according to your specific requirements. The second page of the Behavioral Impact Graph shows the impact of the individual's behavior on the selected position for each required trait for that position.

The Behavioral Narrative provides a narrative description of the contents of the graph, expanding on the meaning of each point as well as providing additional information that may be relevant to the person as related to this position.

The Interviewing Guide report provides specific behaviorally based interviewing questions for each candidate, formulated to meet the specific requirements of the position. The questions are ordered according to the importance of each requirement as well as the importance of the question as determined by the HA behavioral assessment.

The How to Attract this Candidate report identifies the key leverage points that will help you to convince a top candidate to work for your company. These are placed in three categories: essential, important, and other factors.

The Group Screening report is a table that shows multiple individuals against a job template on a single page.

Paradox Module

The Paradox Module consists of the Paradox Graph and the Traits and Definitions reports. The Paradox Graph provides a graphical view of the individual in relationship to each of the 12 paradoxes (see Paradox Theory).

The Traits and Definitions report provides the individual's scores on each of the primary traits as well as a definition of each trait. The traits related to the position are highlighted in green for essential traits and blue for desirable traits.

Development Module

The Developing Success Traits report enables you to identify the two key traits that would be most valuable to develop for any individual in relationship to any position. The system automatically calculates the traits that most need to be developed for a person relative to any selected position. This report provides a development plan for each of the traits outlining a practical approach for developing the specified traits. You can also choose any trait you wish to receive a development plan for that trait.

The How to Develop and Retain report is designed for the manager of the person, enabling the manager to better utilize the individual's strengths, neutralize weaknesses, and develop a long-term positive relationship with the employee that would lead to lower employee turnover. The factors are divided into three categories enabling the manager to focus on the most important factors first.

Team Module

The Team Module reports enable you to see a team of people all in one report. They are an excellent way to get an overall picture of a team for team engineering, team building, or organizational culture development. There are 3 team reports available: Team Main Graph, Team Paradox Graph, and Trait export. The Team Main Graph shows the average scores for a team in relationship to the Main Graph. The Team Paradox Graph shows the interrelationships between team members by plotting the scores of each of the team members against each of the 12 paradoxes. The Trait Export allows you to export all the scores from all the traits for any or all of the profiles in the system. The Trait Export shows all the individual scores as well as the team average for each trait.