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Executive Coaching Testimonial

From Tim Sharp, Area Director, Chevy's Restaurants

Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2002

TO: Director of Training and Development

I am not sure if you are aware of the work that I have been doing with Barbara Spector. A little over a year ago I was mired in a place that I certainly did not want to be in. My region was tracking Management turnover at 100% and my Managers' morale was quite low, mostly due to my shortcomings in leadership.

It was decided that I needed help to better manage my people and was chosen to be the test person for Barbara and her firm. Barbara started off by having my direct reports and Brian Bennett complete a 360 review on me. We then discussed the reviews and started working on a game plan to better my leadership skills and reduce my Management turnover.

A year later I can reflect on a process that hasn't always been enjoyable to me however one that has allowed me to grow as a leader, a business person and as an individual. Barbara has proven to be a tough facilitator and mentor, one that forced me to look at myself in depth and make difficult decisions regarding my management style and interpersonal skills.

Turnover for 2001 was down to 40% and for those who wish to quantify that in dollars and cents can do so easily. I quantify the last year for myself in much broader, and more important, terms.

My Managers have seen and felt a difference in the way that they are managed. I enjoy myself more in doing something that I have always loved however it had become tedious and unrewarding to me. I have been enlightened in many new ways to view what I do and how it affects others and truly rejoice in the changes that I can see.

I feel that people at my level, doing the job that I do, operate at times in a vacuum. It is difficult to discuss some things with our superiors and you really can't utilize your direct reports as a sounding board. Barbara and our bi-weekly meetings provided me with that sounding board for both professional and personal topics.

The following statement sums up my evaluation of the need to expand our usage of Barbara's particular style of mentor-ship in the following statement:

To not utilize the opportunity presented to our company by virtue of the indisputable fact of my growth would be a significant mistake, one that I feel would diminish our company and one of our values, development of our people at all levels.


Tim Sharp, Area Director, Chevy's Restaurants