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Assessment for Customer Service Competence


By using customer service assessments, you can learn who does and who does not understand that every single employee has a role to play when it comes to customer service. Every aspect of the service or product you provide is impacted by employee behavior, because every position is about serving the customer. By measuring the behavioral characteristics as well as the proficiencies that are necessary for quality customer service, customer service assessments help you pinpoint areas and employees which can benefit from specific training sessions.

Customer satisfaction is the only way to keep your business growing. Many companies don't realize that customer satisfaction does not begin and end with the sales department or even the customer service department. In fact, every single step of the process is about keeping the customer happy. Since word of mouth is still the best method of advertisement, and keeping customers is easier than finding new ones, customer service assessments are a crucial part of a thriving business.

These assessments review behavioral characteristics as well as proficiency that can mean the difference between a happy returning customer and a one-time customer. These measurements allow you to focus on areas that require more training in order to provide the most excellent customer service available.

Customer Service Assessments measure these behavioral characteristics :

  • Trustworthiness
  • Sensitivity
  • Compassion
  • Compliance
  • Concentration
  • Adaptability

The Assessments measure proficiency in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Math

You will even learn how well your candidate fits in with your customer service measures including all policies and procedures.

You will see that we offer three different reports:

The CSP Placement Report

The Job Match score will allow you to see how well the candidate measures when it comes to your particular customer service methods and policies.

You can expect more than just a score to guide you. When there are areas that are in question, they will be listed as items for you to consider during the interview. You will also receive interview questions that you can use to initiate a discussion about specific elements that may be in question. In this manner you can gain a better understanding of the candidate's position and they can gain a better understanding of your expectations.

The CSP Coaching Report

This report helps you to see where training may be required for certain individuals. Your candidates will have their own unique behaviors to address in order to meet your qualifications and this report will tell you what they are

The CSP Individual Report ®

Employees can learn the details of their customer service skills as well as the details of areas that need improvement. This insight from these assessments allows employees to develop their individual skills in order to be type kind of employee who can really benefit the company.

These customer service assessments should be an integral part of each development stage. In utilizing these assessments, you can see important patterns and help employees hone their individual skills in order to better your company's reputation for excellence across all areas.