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Imagine that you've just hired Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte and Joan of Arc. Only problem is they are not performing as expected. Leo's doodling when you need him in R&D, Napoleon has just alienated a critical vendor and Joan is inciting a riot in the breakroom because she was asked to revamp the comp plan.

Why does this happen? Because being a genius or having a reputation that precedes you doesn't guarantee job fit!

SmartMoves! was founded in 1997 by Barbara Spector. Ms. Spector's observation in working with Corporate America for the previous 24 years as a management consultant was that an enormous amount of money was being spent and wasted on hiring employees who were not a good fit to the positions they were hired into. Additionally, even the great employees that were hired were often marginally productive due the lack of effective leadership within those same corporations. The idea came to Ms. Spector that there was a tremendous need to offer objective, reliable, valid tools that would aid companies in hiring, developing and retaining great employees consistently. With that realization, SmartMoves! was born.

Finding and selecting employees who love their work and who are recognized and appreciated for the contribution they make to their employers is what SmartMoves! is all about. We provide critical insights into candidates, employees, your organization and even your customers-insights that would otherwise take months or years to discover. With those insights comes the saving of time and hundreds, if not millions, of dollars that was previously being wasted based limited information. But more importantly, your organization will join those select few who are considered to be "Employers of Choice".

Now with the help of SmartMoves!, Leonardo is designing your next successful product, Napoleon is leading your sales force into victory and Joan of Arc is prophesying a very promising future to your board of directors. And you are making more profit with a team of loyal, productive individuals.

We serve the entire United States and Canada, offering web based assessments and surveys, integrated training and executive coaching. We work with our clients to create a strategy that is sustainable for the long haul, since the silver bullet approach rarely works.

Located in San Rafael, California, our team consists of a group of dedicated local consultants as well as a virtual network nationwide. As you can see from our partial client list, we work with companies of all sizes and all industries. We are also endorsed by a variety of trade associations, including the National Association of Electrical Distributors, Disaster Kleenup International, United Association of Equipment Leasing and Affiliated Distributors.