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Quick Tips for Starting Your New Employees Off Right

I've been working on a program for a hotel group that includes how to onboard new employees and thought I would share with you a modified version of the tip sheet I created for it...


What Not to Ask In an Interview

You have read all about what to ask in an interview as well as magic questions that will solve all your hiring problems. What about what not to do?....


Stop Using Only Old School Hiring Techniques

You just interviewed a potential job candidate. You liked her. Her resume was impressive and her experience seemed to check out....


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With SmartMoves! You Can Achieve All This:

Develop Inspiring Leaders

SmartMoves!  multi-rater surveys, assessments and interactive trainings empower individuals whose jobs are to produce results through other people.

Improve Team Performance

Use insightful assessments, surveys and training to take your team to a whole new level. Effective teams meet key objectives—cutting costs, improving productivity, enhancing quality control, and expediting deliverables!

Develop Top Producing Sales People

Find, train and develop sales talent strategically, not by chance. Our state-of-the-art sales training, assessments and self-development tools will keep sales revenue soaring.

Improve Customer and
Employee Satisfaction

Implement employment testing and surveys that lead to greater satisfaction among both customers and employees.

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Upgrade To SmartMoves! Pre-Employment Screening Tests

Recruit and Hire Top-Tier Candidates

When the ideal employee interviews for the job, will you know for certain? Rely on SmartMoves! employment testing that filters out mismatches and spotlights the best fit. Our pre-employment screening tests have proven successful at delivering the insights you need to make highly informed hiring decisions. Our solutions cover the essentials of successful interviewing and help you run conclusive background checks.

Are you making the right choices when hiring sales people? Get SmartMoves! solutions and dramatically increase the return of investment in your employees. SmartMoves! delivers pre-employment testing that lets you pinpoint candidates’ selling potential and then motivate even higher performance capabilities. Make accurate assessments before hiring—our employment tests transform the cost of training and mentoring into years of profit-building performance.

Developing and Mentoring Employees

Why waste time waiting for new employees to get acclimated?  Use SmartMoves! solutions to turn new hires into top producers faster and more strategically. Empower new employees to be contributors from Day One. We specialize in facilitating smooth transitions, new employee orientations and team compatibility surveys. We also offer time-tested coaching techniques for developing employee skills—solutions that can take new and current hires from Good to Great at every aspect of their jobs.

The Secret to Assessing and Retaining Employees

Start strong with our pre-employment testing and then build on that strength with our performance review system. Measuring employees’ effectiveness against that of their peers is crucial to maximizing the potential of your workforce. Our solutions give you crystal-clear insights into individual performance, making it easier to resolve issues and retain high-performing employees. Reduce turnover and training costs and turn reviews from requisite tasks into powerful tools.

SmartMoves! delivers the total package for managing applicants and employees. In short, we help you find the best and empower them to do the rest! Our products reflect our belief that every new hire should be the right hire. We also demonstrate that employees at every level can improve if given the right mentoring and motivating—the very techniques that we build into our solutions. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation. Let’s customize a package of employment testing and training that truly meets the needs of your company.


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