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The academic institution is contacted for verification of highest degree or verification of most significant academic event reported by applicant. This may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees. Multiple degrees and attendance may be verified if required. ($12.40 each)


The Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) is a federal clearinghouse and repository of commercial driver licensing data. The system, established by the Secretary of Transportation, contains records of commercial driver licenses issued to commercial drivers. The system retains records of a driver's current commercial license and up to three previous licenses. A CDLIS search will not return actual driving records or suspensions, it simply indicates the state in which the driver currently has a commercial license and up to three previous licenses. The client may then choose to do a Driving Record check for any or all of the states in which CDLIS indicates the driver has had a commercial license. ($4.40 each)

Civil Records.

A search of civil records in the appropriate civil court is conducted based upon type of information being sought (i.e., small claims vs. family court), and all civil action on file is reported. Reported activity is generally limited to seven years, but older cases will be reported if requested and/or available. ($15.45 each, plus fees)

Controlled Substances Act Registration Database.

The Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Controlled Substances Act (CSA) Registration Database consists of records of individuals registered under the Controlled Substances Act. Registration allows physicians, practitioners, health organizations, and others to prescribe and handle controlled substances. The DEA also produces a list of registrants whose certification numbers have been retired or suspended from the Active File. Inactive individuals may no longer prescribe or handle these substances. Information returned may include address, DEA Number, Business Activity Code, Drug Schedule and Expiration Date. This database does not track SSN or DOB, therefore it is requested that the client provide the applicant's DEA number. ($11.35 each)

Credit, Summarized.

Using information from one or more major credit bureaus, a summarized report is provided based on credit activity since time of first reported trade or as legally permitted. Information is presented in three easy-to-read categories including public records, trade balances, and payment history. If desired, the actual data as provided by the credit bureau is available as well. ($13.40 for one bureau)

Credit, Actual.

By accessing one or more major credit bureaus, an actual credit report is provided. This check is ideal for staffing financial positions, where the client has a need for the detail found on a credit report, and an understanding of that detail. This check is also available on SafeScreen as an instant check. ($7.50 for one bureau, $9.00 for one bureau instant)

Criminal, County.

Criminal records are searched at the highest court in the county. (Lower court searches are also available.) Recommended search parameters include all counties of residence, employment, and school attendance in the previous seven years. All felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and related activity on record are reported. Reported activity is generally limited to seven years, but older convictions will be reported if requested and/or available. Open arrest warrants are also reported and generally include cases awaiting trial or charges for failure to appear. ($17.30 per county, plus $9.55 per AKA; includes investigator fees, excludes statutory fees)

Criminal, Federal.

Criminal records are searched at the highest federal court in the district. Recommended search parameters include all districts of residence, employment, and school attendance in the previous seven years. All felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and related activity on record are reported. Reported activity is generally limited to seven years, but older convictions will be reported if requested and available. Open arrest warrants are also reported and generally include cases awaiting trial or charges for failure to appear. ($10.85 per district; includes investigator fees, excludes statutory fees)

Criminal, Statewide.

Where permitted by State law, criminal records are searched at the State Central Criminal Repository or an all-county search is conducted depending on availability. Recommended search parameters include all states of residence, employment, and school attendance in the previous seven years. All felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and related activity on record are reported. Reported activity is generally limited to 7 years, but older convictions will be reported if requested and/or available. Open arrest warrants are also reported when available. ($11.85 per state, plus fees)

Criminal, AKA's (Also Known As).

Clients choose whether criminal searches are to include: Current Name Only, All Names Provided (current name and maiden or other names), or All Names Provided and Developed (from trace for example). Any criminal activity found under an AKA is reported according to the description provided in Civil, County, State, or Federal Criminal checks. ($9.55 per name, per county plus statutory fees; no AKA charge for State or Federal)

Driving Record.

This check includes validation of license, status, class, and expiration date. Accident and violations on record are also provided. This check is done through state of license issuance and usually includes three to five years of history depending on state. With the exception of Commercial Driver's License verification, the State of Washington will provide only license status. The following states require the client sign an additional compliance statement to retrieve driving records: CO, DE, GA, MD, MI, NH, OH, WA. ($6.00 each, plus state fee)

Drug Screening.

A 5-panel DOT or 5, 7, 9 or 10 panel non-DOT drug screen may be done. Services include collection at a participating Patient Service Center, laboratory analysis, medical review officer service, materials, and shipping of the specimen. Rapid screening, custom panels, alcohol screening, and identification of collection sites are also available along with a full range of TPA (Third Party Administrator) Services. Chain of Custody Forms may be shipped from the lab for no additional fee, with a 10 to 15 day lead time, or may be printed and shipped directly from our offices with a 1 to 5 day lead time for an additional per package shipping and handling fee that ranges from $8.50 to $35.50 depending on weight and location. ($45.35 per test)


Current and/or previous employers are contacted to verify employment. Based on company policy, information reported includes employment dates, title, salary, reason for termination, rehire status, and job-performance comments. Factual employment data is most often obtained from Human Resources or Payroll. In addition, former supervisors are contacted whenever possible to obtain job-performance comments. ($11.85 each

Employment, Regulated.

Under Federal and/or State Law, certain positions in selected industries are regulated and carry unique employment verification requirements. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires special questions be asked of DOT regulated employers. Requirements by position and industry are available upon request. ($11.85 each if ordered individually, $7.00 each if ordered in conjunction with employment verification)

FACIS Check.

The Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS®) is a web-based information service that screens the sanction history of individuals and entities in the healthcare industry. It includes information on more than 50 types of healthcare professionals ranging from physicians to home health agencies and ambulatory services. FACIS includes information on a wide range of disciplinary actions from debarments to letters of reprimand, depending on level searched. This is a commercial database product and is updated twice per month. FACIS offers a multi-level search product with all levels meeting the government's minimum requirements. Level 3 is most comprehensive and includes information from OIG/GSA, various Federal sources, and 50 states for a total of over 700 source agencies. ($8.80, $5.70, or $4.65 each, depending on level searched)

Global Watch Alert.

A check of 29 government watch lists that include individuals, organizations, and companies that have been placed on watch status by the United States Government or European Union. These individuals and entities are considered a threat to global and national security, and in most cases cannot be legally employed. Global Watch Alert combines the most commonly checked watch lists, such as Denied Persons, Global Terrorists, and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN's) in a single, quick search. Global Watch Alert is updated daily as government watch lists change. Reported results include all identifiers provided in the database. ($7.50 each)

Government Data Repositories.

Various government departments maintain databases or lists of individuals or entities they are seeking, who are excluded from participating in federally funded programs, or otherwise carry a special status. Examples include: the US Office of Foreign Assets Control's list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons; the FBI's – Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and Most Wanted Terrorists; the Office of Inspector General's- List of Excluded Individuals/Entities in the delivery of health care services; and the General Service Administration's - List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-procurement Programs. A check of the appropriate data repository is conducted and reported results include all information in the database. ($3.65 per repository)

National Association of Securities Dealers – Central Records Depository (NASD-CRD).

A search of the records available to the public from the National Association of Securities Dealers Central Records Depository. The system retains records provided by individual brokers, NASD member firms and securities regulators as part of the securities industry registration and licensing process. The information returned pertains to the Broker's employment history, approved registrations and disclosure events, including but not limited to: certain criminal charges and convictions, regulatory actions, civil judicial actions, consumer initiated complaints, terminations and certain financial actions. ($4.40 each)

National Criminal Record Locator.

A search of a proprietary criminal database containing over 177 million records. The records comprising the database are obtained from county, state, and federal entities as well as incarceration and law enforcement records. This search is a "locator" device designed to identify jurisdictions in which an applicant potentially has a criminal record or potentially is a registered sex offender. A locator search is done using the applicant's first name, last name, and date of birth. If one or more possible records are found, our report will provide the name under which the record was found and the jurisdiction/location. As employment decisions cannot be made based solely upon this information, a search will automatically be initiated in the originating jurisdiction for current case information. Employment decisions should not be made based on this information. The name and jurisdiction under which the possible record was found will be used as the basis for a county criminal or sexual offender registry search. ($5.95 each)

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) / Healthcare Integrity and Protection Databank (HIPDB).

Created by Federal legislation, these data banks contain information on incompetent physicians, dentists, and other health care practitioners whose movement from state to state is restricted without disclosure or discovery of previous medical malpractice payment and adverse action history. The National Practitioner Data Bank contains information on adverse licensure actions, clinical privileges actions, and professional society membership actions taken against physicians and dentists. Reports of medical malpractice payments made on behalf of health care practitioners are also collected. The Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank is a national data collection program for the reporting and disclosure of certain final adverse actions taken against health care providers, suppliers or practitioners. Including individuals and organizations, the information provided includes: civil judgments related to delivery of health care items/services, federal or state criminal convictions related to same, actions by federal or state licensing agencies, exclusions from Federal or State health care programs, and any other adjudicated actions that have been established by regulations. The client needs to be pre-registered with the data banks, and then must submit an Authorized Agent Designation to allow us to access on their behalf. ($11.10 for a single data bank search, $17.30 for both)

Net Reference.

Combines survey technology with the Web and email to produce high quality professional references faster and more reliably than traditional referencing methods. It is a 360° survey and analysis product that measures an applicant's ability against researched and validated job-specific competencies. Available for a variety of specific jobs, Net Reference provides a consistent, objective set of criteria for evaluating all candidates for a job. ($25.00 per Applicant – Up to 15 References)

Professional References.

An interview with a reference provided by the applicant is conducted. In order to obtain meaningful information, the use of references with whom the applicant has worked is recommended, rather than personal acquaintances. ($14.45 each)

Professional License.

The issuing State authority is contacted to verify license status. When available, date of issuance and expiration are provided along with any disciplinary action on file. Examples of professional licenses include certified public accountants, medical practitioners, insurance agents, and attorneys. ($15.45 each)

Sexual Offender Registry.

Where permitted by State law, sexual offender records are searched at the State Central Sexual Offender Repository. Recommended search parameters include all states of residence, employment, and school attendance in the previous seven years. All information found is reported. Results vary state to state, but typically include the offender's name, the classification of the offense and last known address. ($3.65 each)

SSN Trace.

This check reviews the historical and logical connection between applicant and SSN based on history of use, logic tables, and death indices. Generally includes year and state of issuance. This check may reveal use of multiple SSN and/or aliases (AKA's). Criminal records may be searched using AKA's found; previous locations of residence may be used to determine jurisdictions for criminal record searches. This check is also available on SafeScreen as an instant check. ($5.00 for one bureau, $6.00 for one bureau instant )

Workers' Compensation.

Where permitted by law, a search of State Workers' Compensation records is conducted. As documented in State records, reported information may include history of injuries and claims. Clients must certify that the check will ONLY be requested after an offer of employment is made. Some states require special and/or notarized release forms and a copy of the offer letter. ($11.85 per state plus fees)

Other Services

Adverse Action Notification.

At the direction of our client we send a Preliminary Adverse Action Notice and Final Adverse Action Notice to those applicants who do not meet the client's hiring, retention, or promotional criteria. In addition and as required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, between the preliminary and final notice, we conduct all re-investigation required in the case of an applicant dispute. ($4.00 per notice)

Applicant Calls.

Your applicant will be contacted directly if he/she has omitted information from the employment application, resume, and/or authorization. Two contacts will be made if needed. ($5.00)

Applicant Copy.

Certain States (currently California, Minnesota, and Oklahoma) require applicants have the opportunity to order a copy of their background investigation at the time they authorize procurement. This requirement is separate from FCRA adverse actions requirements and must be provided by the consumer-reporting agency. ($ .95)

Client Setup Fee.

A setup fee is charged to cover all account, user, and system setup activities. This fee includes access to and telephonic support for SafeScreen. If an onsite inspection is required, there is an additional $60 fee for a one-time on-site visit to the client's facility.

Service Type Setup Fee

Background Screening Only ($50.00)

Re-Processing Charge.

When a background check must be conducted a second time because the applicant did not supply all required information, a reprocessing charge is added. For example: The applicant receives a degree under a different name, but does not provide that information until the verification is completed. ($7.25 per check re-processed)

Rush Charges.

A RUSH order is processed as "Priority 1," is placed ahead of other investigations, and available results are returned within 24 hours. A Rush Order cannot be cancelled. Although every attempt is made to obtain all information within 24 hours, we are dependent upon information sources and cannot guarantee 100% completion within 24 hours. Investigative work continues beyond 24 hours until all investigative components are completed. ($15.00 per applicant)

* Some employers and academic institutions charge a fee to access their records. Some counties, states, and federal districts charge a statutory fee to access their records and/or investigators charge a fee to search records. These fees generally range from $2.50 to $16.00, although some jurisdictions in New York have a $52.00 statutory fee. Fees will be itemized by applicant, identified by information source, and listed separately on your invoice.

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