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Why Many Leaders Fear Predictive and Accurate Assessments

Dave Kurlan, CEO, Objective Management Group


You interviewed a sales candidate and fell in love with their background, personality and experience. The candidate did quite well in the interview, references checked out and you pulled the trigger. A year later, you are still waiting for the results to match the potential.

This scenario plays out day after day regardless of company size, industry, or geography. More Sales Leaders and HR professionals trust their gut than the most time-tested, accurate and predictive sales specific assessment available. Despite that it has been used on more than 1,000,000 salespeople, many Sales Leaders are fearful - not of the candidates that are recommended, but of ignoring the candidates who aren't!

This week, an OMG Partner brought a video to my attention from the Wharton School of Business. Two researchers were able to articulate why there is aversion - even to high quality algorithms - and suggested that with some allowances, even the most assessment-averse leaders could learn to use and love a good assessment.

Watch the video here.

Several years ago, we recognized the need for sales leaders to have some options and built those into the tool.

You can incorporate a science-based crystal ball into the sales hiring process. You can check out OMG's terrific sales candidate assessment here. Feel free to call us as well 800-700-6507.