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True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership

October 1, 2015, by SmartMoves!

Leadership is never easy. Yet the development of leadership skills is one of the most vital aspects of any organization.  Leaders must be able to provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their team in order to maximize productivity and shape a positive culture. It is not leader’s job is not to solve every problem alone, but to inspire those he or she leads to solve problems.

Knowing the importance of continual leadership development, today we want to share one of the greatest leadership books of all time.  The book is True North by Bill George and co-written by Peter Sims. True North has a simple premise for leadership: understand your own life story.

True North shows how anyone who follows their internal compass can become an authentic leader. This leadership tour de force is based on research and first-person interviews with 125 of today’s top leaders—with some surprising results. In this important book, acclaimed former Medtronic CEO Bill George and coauthor Peter Sims share the wisdom of these outstanding leaders and describe how you can develop as an authentic leader. True North presents a concrete and comprehensive program for leadership success and shows how to create your own Personal Leadership Development Plan centered on five key areas:

  • Knowing your authentic self
  • Defining your values and leadership principles
  • Understanding your motivations
  • Building your support team
  • Staying grounded by integrating all aspects of your life

“Your truth is derived from your life story, and only you can determine what it should be,” writes George. “When you are aligned with who you are, you find coherence between your life story and your leadership.” That alignment is your “true north,” an internal compass.

“What emerges from these stories is that virtually all the leaders interviewed found their passion to lead through the uniqueness of their life stories,” he writes. “Not by being born as leaders. Not by believing they had the characteristics, traits, or style of a leader. Not by trying to emulate great leaders.”

True North can be found on Amazon and most local bookstores.

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