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Top 10 Quotes for Success

tonymassiveaction1.      Stop avoiding failure. “Failure is often necessary for real learning to occur. If you didn’t get the results you want, learn from the experience so that you reference how to make better decisions the next time around. Too many people want to avoid any hint of a problem. But overcoming obstacles is what gives us psychological strength—it’s the very thing that forms character.”  Tony Robbins 2.      Make a decision. “At some point, before we can have every possible fact in hand, we have to decide. After you have acquired 40 to 70 percent of information about a situation, go with your gut.” Colin Powell 3.      Leave a legacy. “You want to leave something, you really do. I mean, in the end, statues and all those things, that doesn’t mean anything. Leave something we are all going to benefit from.” George Foreman 4.      Put your dream to the test. “If you are unsure of what your dream might be—either because you are afraid to dream or because you have somehow lost your dream along the way—then start preparing yourself to receive your dream by exploring the following: Read and study in your areas of greatest interest. Engage in activities related to your interests. Put up pictures of people and things that inspire you. Get your body in optimal shape to pursue your dream.” —John Maxwell 5.      Sync your priorities with your finances. “Don’t buy things unless you have the money to buy them. Don’t expand your business unless you have the money to do so. Realize people are the key to everything—money can’t do anything without people. Think about and understand what you’re doing and why—with your money.” Suze Orman 6.      Empower and respect. “Inspire people to think like entrepreneurs, and whatever you do, treat them like adults. The hardest taskmaster of all is a person’s own conscience, so the more responsibility you give people, the better they will work for you.” Richard Branson 7.      Live in the moment. In the spring of 1994, Michael J. Fox began to accept Parkinson’s disease and live in and enjoy the moment. He said, “Yesterday’s losses and tomorrow’s trials were no longer the only poles of my existence.” 8.      Promote your work. “Every tournament I play gives me a great opportunity to market whatever I am working on or wearing.” Serena Williams 9.      Trust things will turn in your favor. “You may be going through great difficulties, and you’re tempted to think, I’m never going to get out of this. This is never going to change. I’m never going to win this situation. Stand strong. When negative thoughts come, reject them.” Joel Osteen 10.  Accept your partner. “The need for acceptance is so profound that I would venture to say that most, if not all, issues that cause conflict in a relationship ultimately come down to one or both partners feeling rejected—and, in turn, wanting to feel more accepted.” Dr. Phil