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Taking Productivity to a New Level With Noisli

For many people, a little background noise is helpful to remain calm, energized, and keep focused. It can also be a big boost to productivity. This is where Noisli has taken productivity to a new level.  Time Magazine said, "Noisli helps you tackle busywork,” while TechCompany listed it as part of their “12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can’t Live Without.”  Best of all, it's free!

Describing Noisli as a background noise generator is not doing the app justice. Noisli's main function is to give you a little background noise to help you focus. Just load up the site, click the icon of the sounds you want to hear, and get to work. Once you have your sounds, Noisli matches that feeling with a colored background as well. It's a simple, minimalistic site and doesn't take up a lot of memory in browser to run.

With the Timer function you can take advantage of efficient time management methods, such as the Pomodoro Technique, to be more efficient and productive while cutting out distractions and prevent burnouts. Use the built-in countdown timer function during work, study or creativity sessions or simply use it as a sleeping timer for taking a relaxed nap or while falling asleep.

Click on the lined icon at the bottom left menu and you’ll get your own distraction-free writing space.


Currently it is only available the iPhone and iPad through iTunes. Android versions are being designed right now, but you can get it all for FREE on your browser anyway.

The Noisli app lets you play all of the sounds offline and therefore you can always enjoy its features and benefits also while traveling on a plane or commuting on a train, or during any other activity with no need for an internet connection.


Aside form productivity, reviews have found numerous ways to incorporate Noisli into their lives.  Other uses include soothing babies and the sick, accompanying meditation or yoga, or using it to help fall asleep.