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Recruiting Talent: Women in the Workplace



Posted by Ty Hall Pepperdine University found that companies with more women in the workplace outperformed companies with fewer women by nearly two-thirds in regard to revenues, profits as a percentage of assets, and profits as a percentage of stockholders’ equity. A different study found that organizations with more women in the workplace had 1325.44 percent higher sales revenue than companies with less gender diversity. With results like that, companies may want to start focusing their recruitment efforts on recruiting talent of the female variety. These tips from are practical ways to recruit more women in the workplace.

First, start developing the talent you already have. Recruiting talent from the outside is fine, but the best way to promote women leadership in the workplace is to focus on the specific skillset you want in your leaders, and then create programs to develop those skills. Consider a mentoring program or networking events that include speakers tailored to women's empowerment. Encourage everyone—especially women—to take advantage of these programs. If your organization’s leadership is predominantly (or entirely) male, some women may feel like they can’t break through the glass ceiling, so offer plenty of support.

Second, evaluate your company policies. According to the article, “One of the most cited reasons that women do not apply for leadership positions is because they worry what it will do to their work-life balance.” This is not the same for men, said research. The more flexible your workplace policy is, the more successful your recruitment efforts will be attracting women and men. Flexibility is an ever-increasing necessity for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Third, offer family friendly benefits. As stated earlier, women are more likely to think about how their work life will affect their home life, especially if they have children. According to a survey by Working Mother, “their 100 best companies often offered perks like paid maternity leave, health screening programs, on-site flu vaccinations, adoption assistance, nutrition counseling, alternative child care arrangements, and an on-site lactation room.”

The benefits of having more women in the workplace are through the roof, but many of these women feel like they can’t break through the glass ceiling. When it comes to recruitment, think about the kind of talent you want, and tailor your recruitment efforts to suit their needs. For women in the workplace, more growth opportunities and more work-life flexibility are important for recruiting talent. You can make your company a place where more women want to work; an inclusive and diverse workforce is the key to a sustainable, profitable business.

Are you recruiting more women in the workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.