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New Music Service for Productivity

Focus@will is not your typical Spotify or Pandora radio. It is a music service based in neuroscience, customizes instrumental music to help increase focus and decrease distraction while performing activities such as reading, writing, and working. The company claims that their scientifically tested technology behind focus@will has been shown to alter brain activity toward a state that is more conducive to productivity.

Most people can only concentrate for a maximum of about 100 continuous minutes before needing to take a quick break to stretch, move about, maybe get a drink of water, and so on before they resume for another session. According to the company's website, the focus@will system makes it faster and easier for you to concentrate – it brings you a focused flow state and then keeps you there.

Our senses are constantly inundated with information and each time you notice something in your environment, (sounds, lights, smells, cold/warmth) you are paying attention to it. The ability to focus your attention on something while ignoring other distractions is called selective attention by psychologists, and we would never get anything done without it.

The question many people want answered is how they can maximize focus so that their environment becomes less distracting and their attentional spotlight is continuously focused on their projects of the day. Auditory neuroscience and psychoacoustics (the psychology of sound perception) can help us answer this question.

Focus@will is based upon numerous studies including their own research. The entire process of maintaining focus for an extended period of time is not easy. It requires work on the part of your brain and can be considered a source of stress. However, focus@will aimes to produce experiences that enable your brain to feel less stress while you to get more work done.

A Focus@will subscription is currently $9.99/month. However, you can try it for free for 2 weeks to see if you notice a change in your productivity, focus, and concentration.