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Let Go, Keep it Simple, Move Quickly [Infographics]

Loosing efficiency in your business? Are you continually:

  • Reading blogs that are interesting, but not directly related to your core business or challenges;
  • Getting sucked into reading social media updates;
  • Inefficient processes, such as looking for files, searching for passwords, or struggling during collaboration with your team;
  • Your inbox piling up or your productivity constantly being interrupted by an influx of new email messages;
  • People that want to “pick your brain”, without driving toward a valuable relationship, sale, or friendship.

Sometimes our single greatest challenge isn’t coming up with compelling ideas, finding profitable clients, or hiring talented staff. Instead, it all comes down to one factor that underlies our ability to meet the range of challenges we face.....the lack of time.

Time is money.  We have included 5 Infographics below (from Funders and Founders) to help you become more productive.

1388769567-let-go-keep-simple-move-quickly-secrets-being-productive-entrepreneur-infographic-1    1388769585-let-go-keep-simple-move-quickly-secrets-being-productive-entrepreneur-infographic-2