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How Will You Keep Your Star Employees?

Employee Retention, Employee SurveyNow that the economy is showing signs of recovery, the companies that cut back significantly on employee development during the economic downturn are scurrying to convince their top performers not to take flight.  Moreover, a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicates that 67% of employers are increasing expectations of employee productivity in the next year. With these two forces at work, how can you hope to keep your emerging leaders from polishing up their resumes? Here are three ways to get started, compliments of the Harvard Business Review:

1) Give employees the opportunity to shine; let them succeed by highlighting their strengths.

2) Check in individually to find out how they are handling the daily challenges of their job.

3) Customize your communication and recognition according to the personality and strengths of the individual.

These  introductory steps will help to stem the tide.  Keep the inertia going by integrating a management skillbuilder into the workplace or giving emerging leaders the opportunity to find out about their own leadership traits with a 360 assessment.  Begin this turnaround today to ensure that your organization is tiven the opportunity to retain and develop its most important asset.