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How to Gain an Edge in This Competitive Talent Marke


The labor market is the most competitive it’s been in decades.

If you have a high-churn hourly workforce, you won’t want to read this outstanding eBook.

We will discuss talent acquisition challenges including applicant flow, drop-off, and improving your candidates’ experience in applying for a job. We will also share insight on how to adapt to the current labor market and how to “stand out” as an employer of choice.

To avoid business-crippling talent shortages, employers are having to make the “candidate experience” and engagement a top priority—or, risk falling behind the war for talent.

80% of hiring managers agree that hiring the right people has a direct impact on a company’s ability to improve profitability and strategic goals.

That makes hiring a REALLY IMPORTANT job. This eBook will help to learn about finding the best candidates and making more confident hiring decisions.

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