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Business Coaching: Is it Worth the Investment?

Business mentors are great to have. However, they are not the same as hiring a business coach. But is investing in a business coach worth the cost?

1. The bigger picture:

Sometimes you become so involved in a project or decision you aren't able to see the forest for the trees. A good business coach will be able to see potential problems you may have missed and give you an objective point of view.  They might detect that you need a little pushing to get you outside of your comfort zone.

2. Feeling Overwhelmed:

Ever feel like you are so stressed because 'everything' is falling apart or there are a 'million' different projects that are due?  A business coach helps you to reduce your overwhelm by figuring out which issues are most important and need to be resolved right away. Clarity reduces overwhelm and will allow you to become more productive.

3. Delegation:

Have you ever thought, "It'd be easier if I just do it myself." Many entrepreneurs have the inclination to tackle everything rather than taking a step back and determining your strengths and weakness.  What are the tasks that should be delegated to a different person. The company runs more efficiently when each person is operating within their own strengths.

4. Build, Create, Restore Confidence

No matter what business, department, or management level you are at, having confidence is a key to success.  A business coach will assist you in working through challenges so that you continually build your confidence in decision making, crises, or when conflicts arise.

5. Employee Retention

When employees feel like they are making progress, are able to handle situations, and are a part of the company growth, then a company is able to increase employee retention. For some businesses, the increase in employee retention has saved them double or triple the cost of hiring a business coach.

6. Diversity

Diversity in the workplace can create a fun, dynamic atmosphere. It can also cause problems and struggles.  Business coaches are able to work with individual employees on how to utilize the strengths in a diverse workforce.

7. Challenge

Be prepared. Business coaches ask you challenging questions. Their goal is to help you think outside of what you've known and can envision. Coaches are able to help you gain a new perspective, a renewed sense of enthusiasm, or the ability to see the blind spots you've been missing in your business.