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Are You Paying for Bad Hires?

Posted by Aoife Gorey Bad hires impact more than a company's bank account... they can have tremendous impact on a team's morale and productivity. We recently asked some of our colleagues about their past experience with bad hires, and here are a few of their responses:

  • "The woman was so far from suited for the job! Her skills, experience, and personality all clashed with our department. I ended up having to spend hours upon hours training her repeatedly. That wasn't in my job description."
  • "Our boss was so desperate to fill a role, she hired the first person that applied. They were so negative, it ruined our positive team dynamic."
  • "Think of how many people are involved in onboarding and training a new hire... HR, payroll, management, and the department's whole team. It's time consuming, especially when that person won't be around in a few months!"
  • "I worked at a factory, and found out that a co-worker had been stealing supplies for years before he was found out."

Check out the infographic below for some scary stats on the impact of a bad hire.


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