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A Sale is a Love Affair

Jack's been called a poet in a business suit. He's crashed and burned more than once in romance... and more than once in sales. In both areas, he's picked himself up, dusted himself off and, after trials and tribulations, found success. At 56, he's found the love of his life and has coached others in love. He's also a successful sales advisor and trainer whose second book is entitled, "A Sale Is A Love Affair - What Salespeople and Lovers Can Learn From Each Other."

Jack is convinced that the future of sales is love: Loving your customers and getting them to fall in love with you; and that the future of love is sales: Using the same "soft skills" of great salespeople when finding and managing romantic relationships.

Jack's main message draws upon the parallels of romance and salesmanship. You have to treat every business deal like a romance, which involves courting, love, and mutual understanding. Through humor and personal experience, Jack details how every good sale follows the 'rules of romance'.