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5 Rules Every Effective Manager Should Live By

Posted by Aoife Gorey Written by Kelly Gregorio

1No one has to tell you that management can be an equally difficult and (when done right) rewarding job. It takes time and energy to successfully lead a team, and the effort you put in will come out in the form of productivity and team happiness.  Read on to discover five steps you can take today that will result in better management for all parties involved.

1.Walk The Walk Chances are you want your employees to conduct themselves in a manner that you see fit, but delegating behavior demands is not enough.  Set an example for your team by handling customers, dealing with problems and conducting business just as you expect them to. Like most things in life and leadership, actions speak louder than words.

2.Stay Solutions-Oriented In business there will always be unexpected problems that pop up at the most inopportune times; how you handle them is what really matters, especially to your staff. A manager that blows up and causes more stress than solutions will cause their staff to sweep things under the rug rather than fess up and deal. Make the effort to stay solutions-oriented; that way your staff can not only come to you with problems but can equate your presence to making things right.

3.Explore Others’ Strengths Every one of your staff members has a weakness, but they also each have their own strengths.  Make the extra effort as a manager to point out your individual team members’ strengths.  Not only will it boost their motivation and self-esteem, but it will also allow you to capitalize on your employees’ most natural talents.

4.Celebrate Your Team’s Success The day-to-day responsibilities of your team can easily become routine. Chances are, the only time you break from that routine is when something goes wrong and you have to stop and regroup.  However, it is especially important to pause for moments of celebration. Be sure to celebrate your team’s success and acknowledge your hard work. Pauses like these will refresh everyone’s effort and motivation.

25.Get A Mentor Your management abilities can only go so far. While you work hard to enrich your team, be sure to nourish your own effort and education with an outside mentor.

The more you can refresh yourself outside of the workplace, the better manager you will be.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kelly Gregorio writes about leadership trends and tips while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a company that provides businesses working capital.