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The Organizational Alignment Survey

Unleash the power of your organization

Organizational Alignment Survey

Convert Strategy into Action

Alignment is the new managerial competence. It is the optimal state where the most critical elements of a business people, strategy, customers and processes are aligned and integrated to work in concert with each other to achieve business results. People in an aligned organization have a clear line of sight to customer requirements and organizational goals. Over thirty years of research has shown that, quite simply, aligned organizations out perform their competitors by every major financial measure.

A Catalyst for Results

Our Alignment Survey is a ready-made early warning system that provides real time data on the effectiveness of your value chain and the readiness of your organization to meet changing customer requirements The results of the Alignment Navigator deliver a platform for launching process improvement teams that are directly tied to your critical success factors.

The Alignment Survey measures organizational alignment and helps to:

  • Identify areas in need of process improvement
  • Determine your organization's readiness and its ability to accomplish its mission
  • Leverage best demonstrated practices
  • Close the gaps of misalignment
  • Capture the difference in opinion between your suppliers and those they serve
  • Measure the rate of business initiatives and pinpoint needed solutions
  • Track progress over time


Identify Root Causes

Making sense of the data can be a significant organizational challenge. That s why we have developed a series of intuitive gauges that translate the data into action, with a click of the mouse. Here are some of the capabilities you can readily enjoy:

  • The freedom to manipulate your analysis data via the World Wide Web
  • The ability to examine micro and macro trends
  • Demographic comparisons that isolate best demonstrated practices and gaps of misalignment
  • Organizational strengths and weaknesses, sliced by demographic and/or by normative statement
  • Qualitative key-word searches, allowing you to identify themes, and enabling a voice behind the numbers
  • Comparative data views that overlay industry, customer or prior measurement data, revealing competitive advantage, progress over time and areas of opportunity


A Roadmap for Success

Our Alignment Survey is comprised of a series of normative statements that define the way an organization should be run. The diagnostic follows the general pattern of questions used to evaluate an organization's quality processes (e.g. for the Baldrige Award, the Q12 etc.).


Screen Shots of a Completed Survey:

SmartMoves! Alignment Framework - Beyond the Balanced Scorecard

The Alignment Framework - Composite View


The survey is proprietary and its interpretation is unique, but the underlying principle is universally accepted: Aligned organizations are more likely to be successful organizations.


Sample Competency Statements:

  • We have clear targets for achieving our strategy.
  • We have systems in place to receive customer feedback.
  • The relationship between management and employees is positive in our organization.
  • When something goes wrong, we correct the problem so it stays solved.
  • Customer satisfaction feedback directly influences the way my work is done.
  • Processes are designed to encourage cooperation among employees.
  • My immediate supervisor considers my career objectives when assigning work.
  • My immediate supervisor promotes a spirit of we're all in this together.
  • We treat failures as a learning experience.
  • Knowledge of the competition directly influences how I do my job.
  • We view regulators as partners, rather than enforcers.


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