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Leadership Development and 360 Degree Feedback

Get 360 degree feedback to help you develop employees who can lead effectively.

Leadership is the essential driver for keeping your organization energized and focused on achieving its critical success factors. High performing leaders inspire achievement, foster commitment and link your people to your customer. They help you transform vision into reality, create competitive advantage, and drive profitability. SmartMoves! offers several options for 360-degree surveys, assessments and interactive trainings to help those individuals whose job it is to produce results through other people.


Our 360 degree assessment addresses the tendency to inadvertently manage in one’s own image. It also helps leaders identify behaviors or blind spots that keep them from leading as effectively as they could. For employees who are relatively new to managerial or leadership positions, 360 degree feedback helps identify those areas in which professional leadership development training would prove most beneficial. See the product descriptions below for the solution that’s right for you. Smart Moves! Inc  can also customize a program to meet the specific needs of your company. Just call (800) 700-6507 for more information.


Checkpoint 360°

Checkpoint 360°™ is a powerful professional development tool, that positively impacts an individual's growth and career, and an organization's success. For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity. Checkpoint offers quantitative assessment of an employee’s skill sets, drawn from a wide range of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills.


Emotional Competence Framework

An emotional competence is a learned capacity based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work. For superior performance in jobs of all kinds, emotional competence matters twice as much as IQ plus technical skill combined.


Organizational Management Analysis

The Organizational Management Analysis is an essential element of organizational development. An OMA report presents a compilation of the information obtained from the individual CheckPoint results of a group of managers. Delivered via the Internet, the report provides a factual summary of the perceptions of a management group with input from the managers' bosses, peers, and direct reports.


Leadership Profile

Leadership Profile is a ready-made early warning system that provides multi-rater, real time data on the effectiveness of your leaders, the environment they create, and their ability to deliver value to your customers (internal and external). The results of the diagnostic provide a platform for launching leadership effectiveness initiatives that convert your strategy into action, and create a system that links your organization to the customer.


Leadership Development Training

Executive Coaching Services

A business coach helps managers with busy lives become more efficient and productive. This series of structured, one-on-one, interactions between a coach and an executive is aimed at enhancing the executive's performance on the job. It focuses on clearing roadblocks, unlocking potential and bridging the gaps between where people are and where they want to be. We work with managers and executives on multiple levels--personal, business, and network.


Building Internal Coaches

Coaching is a core competency in today's high performing workplace. Learn the skills to build and retain your best talent. Sometimes the only difference between a mediocre and a stellar employee is a great coach! The Coaching with Confidence Seminar is a practical, no-nonsense approach that diffuses confrontation while getting the results you want. This hands-on workshop will give you specific strategies and skills that can be applied immediately.



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