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Customer Service Competence Assessment

Measure the characteristics and proficiencies key to delivering
excellent customer service

Customer Service Perspective

Customer Service Perspective is a tool for making sure everyone in your company is on the customer service team. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a thoughtless remark on the phone or inattention to a customer's needs can result in the loss of business. Everyone needs to be concerned with customer service. Customer Service Perspective measures eight behavioral characteristics and two proficiencies that are key to delivering excellent customer service. It also discloses an employee's or job candidate's needs for customer service training and orientation.

Keeping your customers satisfied is essential to building a successful, growing business. While many companies work hard to increase sales, they may overlook the importance of doing the little things that keep customers happy and buying more. It is often easier to accelerate your business by cultivating the customers you already have rather than having to constantly attract new customers.

If it is true that happy customers buy more, then your business will benefit tremendously from incorporating Profiles' Customer Service Perspective. As an investment in your human capital, the CSP can have a significantly positive impact on your bottom line.


Customer Service Perspective identifies eight behavioral characteristics and two proficiencies that are essential to extraordinary customer service. This is the information needed to coach and train your people to deliver world-class customer service.


Customer Service Perspective measures the behavioral characteristics of :

  • Trust
  • Tact
  • Empathy
  • Conformity
  • Focus
  • Flexibility

Customer Service Perspective measures proficiencies in

  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics

It also measures how aligned a candidate is to your company's customer service policy and attitudes.

Customer Service Perspective has three types of reports:


The CSP Placement Report

A Job Match Percentage that tells you how well job candidates measure up to your customer service standards and the degree of alignment between their customer service perspective and the specific expectations of your company.

The placement report also has "Considerations for Interviewing." Whenever a job candidate's score misses your customized Job Match Pattern, his or her report suggests interview questions to stimulate conversation regarding the issue in question. This usually results in a better understanding of the company's customer service position and effectively communicates the company's expectations and policies.


The CSP Coaching Report

Identifies the areas where individualized training and coaching will effectively instill the customer service attitudes you want in all of your employees.


The CSP Individual Report ®

Helps employees increase their awareness of their customer service skills or lack thereof. It is a tool to help them become better employees and deliver the kind of customer service that contributes to the success of your business.


Customer Service Perspective deserves to be an important part of your company's people development initiative. It will enhance your company's reputation, productivity, profitability, and future.



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